Graffiti Shield Services In Jackson & Surrounding Area


Are You Protected Against Vandalism?

Learn How These Products Can Save You Thousands in Graffiti Removal


Glass Shield

Glass Shield is a 6 mil. thick Anti-Graffiti abatement film designed to be a clear undetectable sacrificial coating on glass. This product was designed to solve a common problem with vandals scratching or etching glass and mirrors in public and or private environments.


Metal Shield

Metal Shield is a 6.5 mil. thick Anti-Graffiti abatement and obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original surface appearance. This Patent Pending product was initially designed to solve a common problem with Stainless Steel in general public environments.


Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield was designed to help keep up with vandalism spreading to new canvases. Graffiti is now being found on mirrors, regardless of it being a public or private environment.Mirror Shield offers the reflective look of a mirror, while providing protection to the surface underneath. When a mirror is then re-vandalized it will only be the protective film that’s destroyed, not the mirror.


Custom Shield

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products. These products are designed for a specific substrate and will mimic a surface while giving it all the benefits of an anti-graffiti film.

The Graffiti Shield Process

  • All products are made using Graffiti Shield’s pre-cut system. All pieces fit perfectly on their given substrate
  • All pieces are measured and designed using a CAD program, ensuring a proper fit.
  • Part number engraving on all pieces to help identification for replacement. All piece are cataloged in our database for replacement orders as needed.
  • Long-lasting, proven adhesive systems. All Graffiti Shield products are manufactured with a removable adhesive system. This allows the adhesive to remove cleanly with the product replacement.
  • Proven products from proven systems. Graffiti Shield was founded by innovated and dedicated people that understand the needs of business and property owners.
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