Automotive Window Tinting Service In Ridgeland & Surrounding Areas

Automotive Window Tinting

Your Premier Provider of Quality Automotive Window Tinting

Our premier quality window films will make your car look great and feel more comfortable by reducing heat, blocking glare and rejecting 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Three Reasons to See MGT Films

1. The Best Selection of Films

MGT Films offers our customers a complete selection of films to meet any need. We have car tinting films that vary in color, shade, performances and appearance. We even have films that offer terrific levels of performance that are barely detectable on your car. Come and see us today to see determine the best film for your needs.

2. The Best Warranty

Automotive All of our films come with a nationwide lifetime warranty and will keep your window film looking great and keep you cool and comfortable for as long as you own it.

3. The Best Fit for Modern Cars

Many modern cars come equipped from the factory with a large assortment of electronic equipment that may be susceptible to interference by traditional window films. Our professional staff will assist you in deciding if your vehicle has equipment that would be effected by a traditional film and then determine what film best suits your car, SUV, truck or RV.

Other Automotive Services MGT Films Offers

  • Window film for not only cars,  but also boats, tractors, RVs, etc
  • Automotive vinyl graphics
  • Car care products
  • Head light restoration

Whats is Legal?

Every State has it’s own unique laws associated with the legal limits allowed on various windows of a vehicle. Please refer to this handy chart from the International Window Film Association to determine the laws in your area. To view current chart, Click HERE.

Contact Us

Contact MGT Films today via phone at 601-707-5596 or Toll Free at 888-802-0237. You can also email us at to schedule an absolutely free assessment of your project and a quote on having us do the work.